Bio Hazard Contamination

Asset Restore undertake a large majority of decontamination to both residential and commercial structures.

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MOULD can be present within a damp wall cavity with no obvious signs, in particular is a mould known as stachybotrys. When exposed to these mould spores they can cause flu like symptoms and particularly affect the young, elderly and those suffering from asthma.


ASBESTOS is a fibrous material that can break down to incredibly small fibres. When asbestos is disturbed, the larger fibres get broken. These breaks create much smaller fibres that can be only microns in size and are easily carried in the air. When respired, these little fibres, which can be hook or barb shaped, can go deep into the lungs and lodge in there. The human body is not able to absorb or dislodge these fibres and over time they present a risk for Asbestosis and Mesothelioma.


METHLABS - Around 200 Clandestine laboratories are found each year in New Zealand. These labs are extremely dangerous due to volatile mix of chemicals, booby traps and possible HIV and aids risks associated with users. After the production of meth chemical waste can be left behind on floors, walls and ceilings. For every 500 grams of meth there can be up to 3 kilograms of toxic waste.


BLACK WATER - Sewage backflows also known as black water quite often mean that you are not just dealing with raw sewage from one house hold but actually the entire street. In most cases walls, ceilings and timber floors need to be removed for correct disinfection to be accomplished.

Without a doubt any of these situations are very unpleasant. It is extremely important to use a team of professionals who can carry out an efficient and correct remediation to eliminate risk to the dwellings occupants.